Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hate monger escaped, alright.

One problem with making it someone's frigging job to seek out and prosecute "hate crime", i.e., thought, is that you occasionally end up accusing innocent people of racism, a despicable trait, on the basis of another's weird paranoid trip.

In her complaint, Burpee wrote Kopala was a dangerous man who had spread hate, damaged her reputation and created fear in the workplace for black people like herself.

Burpee wrote she had no witnesses who saw Kopala engaged in racist activities, but suspected cafeteria staff when an anti-racism poster was thrown out at a time in the morning when few people use the cafeteria.

"This left me with the cafeteria staff as prime suspects," Burpee said in her complaint.

The visitor from the Bureau paused as she saw the inimitable investigator's eyebrow arch, his nimble mind absorbing her explanation. Holmes puffed on his pipe thoughtfully, staring off into space. "Watson," he drawled in a particularly resonant tone, "what do you make of this woman's story?"

"Well, to be entirely frank with you, old boy, it sounds, rather, like she's completely f..."

Holmes cut in, rising swiftly to his feet and donning his topcoat. He was half way out the door before I could react.

"Obviously the hatemonger is still out there. Pack your pistol, man, and send a cab to inform the Inspector that his Commission's been barking up the wrong cafeteria table leg again!"


And what is this:

Burpee accused Kopala of smearing her reputation by telling her assistant she had removed the posters herself.
She is accusing him of...

Does anyone know:
1. What was on the posters?
2. What was on the hate literature?

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the good part about where the f---kwitted councilors wouldn't even read the report. What are we paying these freakazoids for? What is their job? Is it because they can't read? that would explain what is going on down there at shitty hall.