Monday, August 23, 2004

What's going on here? I never understand what goes on when I read the paper . . .

Standoff ends in 4 arrests
TEVIAH MORO, Free Press Reporter   2004-08-23 02:05:48  

Tear gas was fired and rattled neighbours kept indoors as heavily-armed London police swooped down on a quiet neighbourhood during a nine-hour standoff yesterday. No one was hurt in the confrontation, which ended with police arresting four people who had barricaded themselves inside the south London house.

The four -- one woman and three men -- were taken into custody on suspicion of weapons offences, said Const. Jane Crosby.

Police said little about what triggered the standoff at the rental house, which brought officers armed with submachine-guns and wearing bulletproof vests to the scene after 3 a.m.

No charges had been laid.

One neighbour, Randy Roden, who lives across the street, said early morning noise from the house at 191 Wharncliffe Rd. S. alerted him to the trouble.

Police were "yelling, 'Open up the front door, London police response unit,' " he said. "It's pretty wild."

Next-door neighbour Ryan Davis had returned home from work early yesterday to find he couldn't get past the police barrier to his wife and two young children at home.

"I was two feet away from my front doorstep and they told me I can't go in," he said.

Davis said he was expecting out-of-town guests for his daughter's second birthday party yesterday.

"Now I want to move," said Davis, 25, who moved into the area just this month.

The occupants of the house -- in the block between Erie Avenue and Elmwood Place -- wouldn't co-operate with officers or leave the building, barricading themselves inside instead, Crosby said.

Heavily-armed officers took up posts behind and along both sides of the house, using neighbouring dwellings as cover.

Police fired several tear gas canisters into the building through upstairs and downstairs windows.

The area was partly evacuated and other residents were told to stay inside during the standoff, Crosby said.

Police wouldn't confirm there were weapons in the house.

"In situations like this, we have to take all necessary precautions in the event that weapons are involved in the interest of protecting the public and police," Crosby said.

A man who lives in the Davis house was there during the standoff and said he heard people arguing in the surrounded house about 3 a.m.

The man, who didn't want to be identified, said he went to his neighbours' window and asked them to quiet down.

"They heard me and I went back to bed," he said.

After keeping quiet for a while, they started fighting again, he added.

The man said he and his wife got off to a bad start with the neighbouring tenants, who had moved in recently. He said dogs belonging to them had attacked his cat.

Police officers yesterday removed a pit bull -- restrained with a snare -- from the surrounded house.

The neighbour said the house that police swooped down on contains two apartments, one on the main floor and one upstairs.

The landlord said police were after tenants and a friend on the main floor, but he had never had any problem with the tenants before.

"I'm very (ticked) off about it because I never expected this type of thing to happen so close to home," he said.

Police kept Wharncliffe Road South between Bruce Street and Duchess Avenue sealed off during the standoff.

The last of four people arrested was led out about noon, with police waiting for a warrant to search the building.

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does anyone have anymore info regarding this posting. On of the men who were arrested is my Ex wifes brother and it was his house where the standoff occured. I jsut found out about htis now and cannot seem to find anything else about it. If you could, please email the info at
ty in advance